Arming For Success In Gta Online: The Ultimate Weapons Guide


To emerge victorious in the tumultuous world of GTA Online, one must equip themselves with the finest weaponry, offering a substantial edge in any combat scenario. Whether embroiled in a daring mission or navigating the perilous streets of Los Santos, the importance of having the best guns in your loadout cannot be overstated. With the ideal armaments by your side, you’ll effortlessly fend off hordes of menacing NPCs, conquer adversaries in multiplayer skirmishes, and excel in other player-versus-player activities within GTA Online. However, with the abundance of weapons available, it can be overwhelming to keep track of what’s on offer. Thus, we present to you the ultimate GTA Online weapons guide, ensuring you are equipped with the most suitable gear to safeguard your criminal empire’s assets. If you want to buy GTA 5 modded accounts, it’s essential to keep in mind that U7BUY is the go-to destination. 

Where to Procure Weapons in GTA Online 

First and foremost, a visit to your local Ammu-Nation is in order. Here, you’ll discover a vast array of weaponry at your disposal. Be aware that different weapons are unlocked at varying levels, so consulting our guide on how to level up swiftly in GTA Online may be beneficial if you aim to acquire some of the more advanced firearms. Ammu-Nation also offers an assortment of customization options for your weapons, encompassing optics, attachments, and eye-catching skins. However, indulging in these enhancements requires a substantial investment of GTA dollars, exceeding the original cost of the firearm for mere modifications. 

Another option is the GTA Online Gun Van, which relocates to a new site daily. This mobile armory boasts a more limited selection, but its clandestine nature means there are no restrictions based on rank or unlocks, making it a tantalizing option to access some of the best GTA Online weapons ahead of the curve. Keep a vigilant eye on their inventory to seize these early opportunities.

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 Best Weapon Loadouts for Player-Versus-Player Gunfights 

While there isn’t a universally endorsed ‘best loadout’ in the GTA Online community, several favored loadouts serve as excellent starting points. These loadouts are well-suited for taking on other players and can also prove effective in missions: 

  1. Mk II Heavy Revolver (Hollow Point rounds)
  2. Combat MG Mk II
  3. Special Carbine (Drum Magazine)
  4. Heavy Sniper Mk II (Explosive Rounds)
  5. Pump Shotgun Mk II (Explosive Rounds)
  6. Sticky Bomb

Bear in mind that this setup is remarkably lethal, so exercise caution when venturing into missions with a non-violent objective. The Combat MG and Special Carbine should be your primary weapons, with the others reserved for more specialized roles. 

Sticky and Sinister 

Among the array of handheld, throwable explosives in Los Santos, the Sticky Bomb stands out as one of the top choices. Effective in both gunfights and missions, it is considered by many as slightly overpowered. These explosives become available after reaching rank 19 and require manual detonation. 

Pistol Whipped 

The AP Pistol, accessible at rank 33, is a perennial favorite due to its consistent performance. It combines power, accuracy, and suitability for drive-by shootings. While alternatives exist, most players opt to stick with it, primarily for its remarkable efficiency, even capable of disabling a car with a handful of shots, a feat generally unheard of for a pistol. 

Bread and Butter 

In the realm of general-purpose weaponry, the assault rifle reigns supreme, and GTA Online provides a selection of assault rifle-like options, each offering versatility, power, and ease of use. The Advanced Rifle, available at rank 70, is less precise but devastating at close to medium range. Conversely, the Special Carbine, attainable at rank 1, excels at headshots. Your trusty assault rifle will be a constant companion until you discover the weapon that best suits your playstyle, making the Special Carbine a popular recommendation.

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Up and At Them

A noteworthy weapon to consider is the Up-n-Atomizer, a futuristic blaster that discharges an energy beam capable of propelling people and vehicles through the air upon impact. Although it doesn’t inflict substantial damage, it shines in manipulating enemy positions and orchestrating vehicular chaos. Notably, it requires no ammunition and merely necessitates a brief recharge between shots. While no longer available at Ammu-Nation, players with an Agency business featuring an Armory can still acquire it.

For swift access to these essential GTA 5 Online weapons, and bolster your criminal enterprise’s arsenal, where quick money can pave the way to an armory filled with the most potent armaments. U7BUY offers a wide range of modded GTA account options to cater to different preferences. Now, View site to arm yourself and prepare for the challenges that await on the unforgiving streets of Los Santos.