Best Time To Book Cheap Flights: Myths vs. Facts


In the quest for snagging the best deals on airfare, travellers often rely on conventional wisdom about when to book flights. However, these strategies can sometimes be based on outdated information or misconceptions. Let’s debunk some common myths and reveal the facts about the best time to book cheap flights.

Myth 1: Booking Far in Advance Guarantees Lower Prices

Fact: It’s only sometimes true that booking months ahead guarantees the lowest fare

Traditionally, it was believed that booking flights several months in advance was the key to securing the lowest prices. While this may hold for some routes and airlines, it’s not a universal rule. Airlines use complex pricing algorithms that take into account various factors, including demand, competition, and even the day of the week and time of day. In some cases, last-minute deals or sales offer better prices than booking months ahead.

Myth 2: Tuesday Is the Best Day to Book Flight

Fact: There is no magic day of the week for booking flights

The “Tuesday rule” is a long-standing myth that suggests that airlines release their cheapest fares on Tuesdays. In reality, airlines adjust prices frequently based on demand and other factors. While it’s a good practice to monitor fares regularly, keep your search open to a specific day of the week. Online tools and fare comparison websites can help you track and find the best deals any day of the week. Cheap flight ticket booking doesn’t depend on any specific day.

Myth 3: Clearing Browser Cookies Will Reveal Cheaper Prices

Fact: Clearing browser cookies is unlikely to affect flight prices

This myth suggests that airlines track your search history using cookies and may raise prices when they detect repeated searches for a specific flight. While it’s true that airlines use dynamic pricing, the practice of clearing cookies has little impact on flight prices. Instead, airlines primarily consider factors like demand and booking patterns when adjusting fares.

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Myth 4: Always Book Round-Trip Flights for Savings

Fact: One-way tickets can sometimes be more affordable than round-trip fares

While round-trip tickets can offer convenience and occasional discounts, one-way tickets should be noticed. For travellers with flexible itineraries or those planning multi-city trips, booking separate one-way tickets can sometimes result in cost savings. It’s essential to compare both options when searching for the best deal.

Myth 5: Booking at Midnight Will Reveal Secret Deals

Fact: The time of day you book doesn’t significantly impact prices

The idea that airlines release secret deals at midnight is a persistent myth. In reality, airlines adjust their prices throughout the day based on various factors like demand and inventory. While you may occasionally find deals late at night, it’s not a reliable strategy for consistently securing lower fares.

Myth 6: Flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays Is Always Cheaper

Fact: The day of the week you fly can influence prices, but it’s not a strict rule

Flying on less popular days like Tuesdays and Wednesdays can yield lower fares. However, the difference in price between days of the week can vary significantly depending on the route and airline. Flexibility in your travel dates can help you find the best deals, but it’s not a guarantee.


The best time to book cheap flights is not governed by rigid rules or myths. Airlines’ pricing strategies are dynamic and complex, influenced by a multitude of factors. To find the best deals, flexibility in travel dates, thorough research using online tools and fare comparison websites, and monitoring prices over time are more reliable strategies than relying on old myths. Keep in mind that scoring a great deal often involves a combination of timing, luck, and savvy searching.

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