How Orange Curriculum Enhances Family Engagement in Church


The Orange curriculum is known for leveraging the critical influences of church and home. Taking its name from the combination of yellow (the light of the church) and red (the heart of the family), it creates biblical resources that unite both voices to impact kids more than they can alone.

Thousands of churches of different sizes, locations, and denominations use the Orange curriculum. A relationally driven approach shapes the next generation by inciting wonder, prompting discovery, and fueling passion.

Connects Families to the Church

In a world where church attendance is declining, many parents look for fresh ways to impart faith to their children. They know that the home critically influences a child’s spiritual development. Orange curriculum is a unique approach that connects the church to families.

It creates biblical resources to align the church’s light with the home’s heart. Using wonder, discovery, and passion, it seeks to encourage the faith growth of kids and students from preschool through high school.

Reaches Out to Every Kid

Thousands of churches use the Orange Curriculum to reach kids and their families. Known for their annual family ministry conference, they offer many events, digital ministry training, and curriculum for every age group in children and youth church. Their mission is to align critical influences in a child’s life, showing that two combined voices are more vital than one alone. This ethos is represented in their logo, which combines light (the church) and love (the home).

Their resources help parents connect with each week’s lessons and bring them into the home by offering a free parent app, weekly challenges, and content for each age group. They also have a yearly plan that helps churches partner with parents around key milestones like baby dedication, kindergarten graduation, birthdays, baptisms, and more.

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Orange’s story-based curriculum helps kids understand God’s larger narrative and how they fit into it while teaching them about the life of a disciple. They also have an overarching vision driven by relationships — moving kids to love God by inciting wonder, moving them to love others by provoking discovery, and moving them to love their communities by fueling passion.

Requires Lesson Planning

As a “virtual” curriculum, Orange’s lessons are downloaded from an online subscription website. 

The curriculum is also customizable for your church’s unique needs. It works with mega churches and churches of less than 100 and can adapt to the realities of each environment.

It is also designed to align with church leadership, helping them to have a more substantial impact on kids’ lives. Its name derives from its strategy of combining the influence of both home (parents and guardians) and church (ministry leaders like you) to create a more powerful impact in children’s lives. This approach differs from other curriculums that focus solely on the church. This is why many pastors are drawn to the Orange strategy. 

Connects Kids to Caring Adults

Thousands of churches use the Orange Curriculum because they have the same goal of shaping the next generation. They may be different sizes, locations, and denominations, but they all share one thing: they want to connect kids to Jesus.

This unique curriculum provider gets its name from the color orange – it represents the combination of red (the heart of a child) and yellow (the light of the church). Orange creates biblical resources that unite these two influential voices in children’s lives to make an impact more robust than either could alone.

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This is accomplished by creating experiences and events that encourage family engagement. Orange provides a free parent app that includes weekly lessons designed to be discussed at home. It also has a leadership network that connects you with an Orange Specialist who can help guide you in your ministry journey. The online curriculum can be easily edited to fit your church’s style and needs. It includes a leader guide with prep information, the main point, scripture passages, and lesson goals.

Encourages Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is a fundamental component of the Orange curriculum philosophy. The Orange curriculum emphasizes the importance of partnering with parents in the spiritual development of children and youth. This approach seeks to create a unified and consistent spiritual environment for children at church and home. 

The idea behind Orange is that parents have more influence and time with kids than church leaders do. That’s why they create resources that help the church and home work together to show kids who God is. 

Think Orange also hosts a conference for church leaders where they present their ideas and strategies to equip leaders to better serve kids. Unlike most conferences that are held only once a year, Orange hosts multiple regional events throughout the country, along with a leading conference and leadership conference for senior pastors. 

To get started with Orange, the ministry offers four age-based weekly curricula designed by experts for each age group. The curriculum is entirely digital and can be accessed from a subscription website. The subscription includes posters, lessons, small group guides, a media package, and more.