How to Create a Game Intro with No Prior Experience


An introduction is a crucial part of any story, whether it’s a written narrative or a video. It’s essential to convey to the audience what to expect next. In the world of gaming videos, the introductory segment plays a significant role. Even beginners can create it themselves today. Let’s explore how to do it and what functions these intros should serve.

How and Where to Create an Intro Sequence

Today, you don’t need complex video editing software to create an intro. There are phone apps that are suitable for this purpose. For example, you can use the TikTok editing app or something like VJump, which is a user-friendly gaming intro maker, even for those with no prior experience.

To create an intro, you need to find an idea. You can do this by watching your competitors’ videos and understanding what kinds of intros they use and how they differ from each other. You can also explore pre-made templates and choose a suitable one, for instance, in the VJump app, which offers hundreds of such examples. Once you have an idea, you need to execute it correctly, and this requires not only a TikTok video editor but also an understanding of the basic rules for intros.

Rules: What the First Few Seconds of the Video Should Be Like

It’s important to note that an intro is a very brief part of the video. What the viewer sees in the first few seconds will determine if they will watch the entire video. To create a successful intro, follow these rules:

  • Optimal length: 3–5 seconds.
  • The intro should have the same audio volume as the main video track.
  • The intro should be dynamic (animation is crucial, as it helps the video be more memorable to the viewer).
  • Include essential information in the intro, such as the channel name and the video’s theme, etc.
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You can create an intro once and then use it repeatedly, inserting it before the main video track during editing. Creating an intro in apps like VJump is as easy as editing TikTok videos.

Key Functions of an Intro

This short video clip plays a vital role in how the audience perceives your content. Firstly, it establishes a unified style for your channel, setting you apart from others. Secondly, it grabs the viewer’s attention (provided it’s well-executed). If the intro is appealing and well-received by viewers, they are more likely to watch your video to the end.

Thirdly, the intro provides a smooth start to the entire video. It makes your content appear more professional and contributes to its success. So, don’t forget to insert it before your videos using the best TikTok editing app and its built-in features.