How to Track my Child’s Phone without Them Knowing


How many kids have their own phones today? Millions? Hundred millions? We can never guess. In a world where people are less and less connected in real life, they are joining into one virtual environment called social media.

Most kids are glued to their phones as the virtual world always looks more interesting than reality. Although it’s sure fun when you can interact with anyone and anything without boundaries, you need to realize that the risks are always lurking. Knowing the dangers, parents feel a great concern.

But no need to worry, if you want to protect your kids, there’s always one solution you can do. Below are the importance of checking the kid’s phone and how to do it more elegantly.

Understanding the Why

People would often ask, “What’s the importance of checking your own kid’s phone?”, “Would it break their trust if you do it without their knowing?” To answer these questions, we’ll offer an elegant way and some tips to make sure that both of you gain an understanding of why the action is necessary.

The very first thing that matters is kids’ safety. And in order to be able to protect them, parents should never go in their way by always manually checking their kids’ phones. It’s annoying and troublesome. Therefore, we’ll use another method that’s more convenient.

Third-Party Tracking Apps

What you need to monitor the kids’ online activities is monitoring and tracking apps. These apps are specifically developed for this very purpose. They will help parents gain insight into what their kids are doing online and make sure they are informed about who the kids are interacting with.

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One of the best apps, we’d like to recommend is Eyezy, the best Snapchat account tracker on the app market now. The reason for the recommendation is because it contains a lot of great features, including:

  • Seeing the kids’ location on the map
  • Works secretly
  • Giving parents alerts when the kids are entering or leaving specific set zones.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of social media, messages, and calls

Built-In Tracking Features

Aside from using third-party monitoring apps, parents can also rely on the default features that are installed on their phones. Depending on the OS, you may find a feature called “Find My” or “Find My Device”.

In order to use this feature, you’ll have to activate the location-sharing feature first and make sure that your device and the kid’s phone are connected. When it’s done, the next time you open the map, you can see where the kids are.

Open Communication First

Before you do anything else to prepare the monitoring, make sure to communicate it with your kids first. Tell them about the dangers, risks, and the reasons why you need to monitor them. It might be hard at first as they would feel watched at all times, but with a few understandings, they will eventually understand.


And that concludes our topic for today about how to track the kid’s phone using a method that they wouldn’t know, hopefully, it may help you. Keeping the kids safe is every parent’s duty. By using the technologies we have today, we can make sure that everywhere the kids go virtually, we’ll be there.

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