Which Gt Watch Should You Choose is the HUAWEI GT 3 Pro?


It can be quite challenging to pick the right gt watch for you. All of the devices that are created by HUAWEI provide value for money. The HUAWEI watches offer a good investment to anyone who is in search of a durable device that he can use day in and day out.

Features of The Different Huawei Gt Watches In The Market

Huawei watch gt 4

Those who are fashion-forward would want to have this gt watch. The HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 not only looks luxurious but also feels elegant as well. For the 46mm strap, you can get black, brown, green, or grey colors. For the 41 mm variant, you may opt to choose white, silver, or white gold.

If you would look closely at the device, you will see that it has an octagonal shape. This is very distinctive with this watch.

The display of the GT 4 is 1.43 inches. It is AMOLED so you know that you are getting bright watch faces in front of you. This has 326ppi with 466 by 466 pixels.

You can monitor your fitness using this device. It has TruSeen 5.5+ which can help you count your calories. With the calorie management feature, you can also check your real-time calorie intake, resting calories, active calories, and deficit.

Huawei gt 3 pro

Another GT Watch that you can choose is the HUAWEI GT 3 Pro. You can get the sapphire glass or the ceramic variant. Just like the GT 4, this watch looks stylish with its titanium body with precision cut edges and nanocrystalline ceramic rear cover.

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A nice feature of this device is its ability to join you underwater. This HUAWEI Watch meets the requirements of the EN13319 standard when it comes to pressure resistance during diving. It even supports freediving up to 30 meters. Your device will alert you if you are diving too deep or diving too long.

This fitness watch has over 100 workout modes including the Driving Range Mode. This is made especially for those who like to record their professional swing. This includes the speed, tempo, backswing time, and downswing time.

Huawei gt 3 se

You will like the lightweight design of the HUAWEI GT 3 SE. It just weighs around 35.6 grams. The battery of this device can last up to 14 days on daily usage. The screen of the device is 1.43 inches and its resolution is 466 pixels by 466 pixels.

You can also train with this HUAWEI Watch. This device is like a pro-level trainer that joins you in your workout. You can also record your daily fitness health by monitoring your sleep patterns, heartbeat count, and other custom lifestyle goals.

Huawei gt 3

The HUAWEI GT 3 46 mm can last up to 14 days on a typical usage while the 42 mm battery can last up to 7 days. You can use this device when you do workouts. You can also check your heart rate when cycling, yoga, swimming, and others. You can also swipe right to interact with the HUAWEI Assistant.


You will never go wrong with any of the GT watches available. It really depends on your preferences and needs as an individual. The gt watch that you should pick should also be based on the budget that you want to spend on the device. The different features that each HUAWEI GT watch are all listed above. Keep in mind that every HUAWEI watch available on the market is worth buying because of the combination of functionality and value that the devices give the users.

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